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Some notes, tips and tricks for Node.js, modules, methods and coding and debugging tips and techniques. In fairness, Node.js does have a Wiki on Github . This is in many ways as good as / better than/ complementary with this Wiikia wiki - it is the "Official word" on Node.js technical issues. This Wilia page is more for community support, capturing of FAQs from the #nodejs IRC channel, pimping or starting projects, and general outreach.

Node.js is an official trademark of Joyent. This wikia site is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent Node.js open source or commercial project.

Main PagesEdit

  • Core Documentation : admittedly, this is a regurgitation of the Node.js 0.4.5 documentation - the difference is, like the PHP docs, you can drop questions, annotate, and expand on them...
  • Models : ways to store data in Node.js
  • Modules : popular github repos/NPM modules for extending your Node applicaiton
  • FAQ : Questions with Node. (Note: if you have a problem with a specific module, GitHub Issues are the best way to get it resolved. This is more of a "conceptual" FAQ or Cookbook.)
  • Installing Node - though the official wiki is the "Last word" on installation issues, our page will feature more community tips and tricks on Node installation issues based on the IRC channel.
  • Node Projects : Work beign done on Node.js
  • Learning Node : Community Resources. (such as the IRC channel #node.js, on
  • SF Node Meetup : links and resources: links, presentations, and other "after party favors" for the SF Node.js meetup.
  • Cookbook : solutions to common tasks
  • Node Releases: the official changelog can be found Here .

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Feel free to pimp your github, drop questions, add articles, or shamelessly plug your node based enterprise.

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