Presentors - please "Give us a taste" of what you will be presenting

Glitterwood: Wonderland Labs Edit

Developers: Dave Edelhart, Jake Cattrall


Standalone cartoon player looking awesome :)

An Entourage inspired mashup of Zelda, xtraNormal and Node/express.js/Mongoose.

jQuery animation and the above technology are extremely well suited to create rich content with only dom (no plugins etc).

It's just a concept right now but go ahead, have a play:

Or watch the epic saga of Scamps and Alpha (pictured above):

These tests are with Node websocket. It's an MMORPG running with dom from a website. No plugins required.

Capture the Flag Edit


Developers: Jeremy Yanik, Matthew Quinlan, Mark Cahill, Laura Seletos, Allen Carroll, Michael Wolodkowicz, and Sean Autenrieb

Capture the Flag is a proof of concept for real-time I/O intensive web applications built on Node.js. The game consists of a native Android application for the frontend and a Node.js and C++ backend. We utilize the asynchronous nature of Node.js and the efficiency of C++ to deliver a server that is responsive even under heavy load. Initial load testing has met our expectations, and there is much room for improvement (sharding, caching, etc). The game is played in real space using GPS and 3G, and features Facebook integration to give a immersive social gaming experience.

RPG in Node.js Edit

Rpg preview

RPG Screenshot

Developers: Kevin Grandon

A simple real-time RPG created in Node.js. There's not a whole lot to the game currently, but I think there's huge potential for games to be powered by serverside javascript.